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Automatic Fluorescence Analyzer

Sku Code : GTF3000B

GTF3000B is suitable for laboratory with a certain amount of inspection, which is automatic operation, precise program controls. This machine is more efficient and reliable.

  • Fully automatic detection
  • Saving time and effort
  • One sample for multiple parameters



  • This machine will eliminate your technician's time and effort.
  • 135test onboard cassette loader.
  • LIS/HIS Connection (bi-directional & Unidirectional)
  • Automatic identification of samples.
  • One sample for multi-parameters.
  • Both quantitative and qualitative results.
  • Puncture sampling.
  • separate QC option for daily, and monthly QC evaluation (LJ chart)
  • Barcode scanning for sample.
  • Onboard incubation.
  • Automatic cassette reading and discard.


Sample type Nasal, Oral, Stool, Serum, Plasma.
Sample loading 30sample at a time
Test per hour 50 T/hr
Operating system Windows
Data transmission LIS& HIS / USB / A4 printout
Precision Double anti-collision pin design

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